1.1 Study Material

Précis:    To illustrate the causes and effects of offenses; the many ways offenses are accepted and how to rid them 

Text: Luke 17:1


The most painful of all sorrows is the regret of how things might have been! Reflect for a moment. Have you ever been offended; betrayed, violated, humiliated, victimized, vilified. Jesus declared that it is impossible to escape such treatment. Then He said to the disciples, “It is impossible that no offenses should come …   Offenses will come!

    Think back to the time when:

1. You were swindled out of money or advantage by some con-artist.

2. Your genius saved the day, and someone else took the credit.

3. You were set up for deception and your trust was breached.

4. You sacrificed your time and kindness, and all you received was scorn.

5. You invested trust and gave of yourself, and you were betrayed.

6. Your keenest hope and expectation was dashed into dust.        

(None of these situations affect the offender)

     Do You Remember how you felt? 

1. The utter disbelief; A sort of denial set in; “This could never happen!”

2. As reality is acknowledged, a deep dull pain sets in.

3. Your mind raced through a gamut of emotions.

    A. Anger – Hate, revenge, violence, murder –  B.  Wrenching disappointment  

    C. Self pity – How could this have happened –  D. Consuming pre-occupation 

    E. Deep concern; Worry – How will I carry on  –  F. Quiet, uneasy resignation 

    G. Develop a philosophical attitude – I’ll forget    – H. Run away or try to 

4. In all this, there is no closure – Cover on the chapter is never closed.

 (The only one who is offended is the person who is violated)


Because we fail to examine ourselves, we fall into the snare the enemy lays for us. Furthermore, we fail to extricate ourselves from the trap Satan caught us in. Make a quality choice today to renounce your offenses. Pray this prayer with me: 

“Dear Lord Jesus. Forgive me for being offended when others hurt me. I now pardon them. Help me to be less sensitive to hurts & take them less personally. I confess this trap as a sin & receive your forgiveness and cleansing. I shall no longer allow myself to brood about it. I ask this is the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord & Saviour. Amen!”


Lesson:             The Trap Of Offense

13.1 Definition:  Offense {skan’-dal-on} – [scandal] = Trap

 skan’-dal-on (scandal, scandalize) Offense 9, stumbling  block 3,  occasion of stumbling 1, to fall 1, things offend 1. The word refers to the movable stick or trigger of a trap.

It is not who or how you were victimized that is the trap, but your offended response to the violation. What others do to you is their problem, but how you react is the offense which becomes your problem; trapped by your own offense!

13.2   Some Situations Which Set The Traps We Get Into

1. Domestic: Husband & Wife, in-laws

2. Church Life: Gossip; unfulfilled expectations, gang mentality, issues

3. Community & Neighborhood Life: Culture & life-styles

4. Friends & Family: Sibling rivalry, inheritance

5. Business: Associates, partnerships,  investments, colleagues 

6. Politics & Current Events: Propaganda, advertising, news media

7. Losing in simple competition: Golf to table games

8. Our personal misfortune: Loss, lack of success

9. The fortune of others: Jealousy, envy, lust

10. God: He doesn’t love me or else He would …

13.3    The Results Of The Traps/Offenses

1. Intense Emotion: Revenge, Hate, Anger, Bitterness – Heb 12:15

2. Pervasive Uneasiness: Worry, Fear, Depression, -2 Tim 1:7- Josh 1:9

3. Ego-centricity & Self-pity: Self-centered, Indulgent – Matt 10:28-31 

4. All Consuming Preoccupation: Can’t get it out of my head – 2 Cor 10:5

5. Dysfunctional behavior: Efficiency & effectiveness lowered – Phil. 2:5

6. Psychosomatic Disorders: Lowered resistance, ills, tired – Prov 17:22

7. Constant Unhappiness: Depression, weak, tired – Heb 12:12-15

8. Disinterest in life & life events: Withdrawal, Reclusive – Heb 10:24-25

9. Spiritual Coldness: John 6:60-66

  1. The worst possible scenario is death: 1 Cor 11:30

13.4   How To Free Yourself From The Tap 

1. Refuse to become offended: Joseph, David  – Rom. 12:19-21, 

2. Trust the Lord: Nothing can thwart God’s purposes – Prov 3:5-6;

3. Acknowledge that you are offended: Admit to it – James 5:14-16

4. Confess your offense as sin: Forgiveness & cleansing: – 1 John 1:8-10

5. Forgive those who have trespassed against you: – Matt 6:14-15

6. Bring forth fruit worthy of repentance: – Luke 3:8

7. Forget those things which are behind you and press on: Phil 3:13

8. Control your thinker and your feeler:; – 2 Cor. 10:5-6;  Phil 4:4-9

9. Get involved with God’s people & His activities: – Heb 10:25

  1. Extricate yourself from the pit you have dug: – 2 Tim 2:24-26