2.3. Assignment

I.     Memorize: Matthew 18:18-20

II.   Questions:

1. What type of traits characterized Matthew?

2.  Identify two opposing characteristics which Elijah displayed. (1 Kings 18)

3.  Rephrase 1 Samuel 15:17 in your own words.

4. And James the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James; and he surnamed them Boanerges, which is, The sons of thunder: (Mark 3:17) Why do you suppose they were called The Sons Of Thunder?

5.   Despite my grievous sin, God has forgiven me, cleansed me and made me righteous before Him. Therefore I can come boldly into His presence and receive Him. Document this statement with two scripture references.

  1.  Exercise: 

🙫     Which animal best describes you?

       1.  Beaver – Industrious, busy

       2.  Otter – Playful, happy

       3.  Squirrel – Scolding, bold, cheeky

       4.  Horse – Hard working, slugging

       5.  Weasel – Sneaky, suspicious, underhanded

       6.  Rat – Scavenger, base, common

       7.  Donkey – Stubborn, self-willed

From Associated Press – APPELTON, Wis. – “A woman is suing her former psychiatrist for malpractice, claiming he convinced her she had 120 personalities – then charged her insurance company for group therapy. Nadean Cool testified Monday that the $300,000 treatment by Dr. Kenneth Olson left her suicidal and haunted by false memories. Her supposed personalities included a duck, Satan, and angels who talked with God. Blue Cross, which paid about $133,000 to Olson and $114,000 to St. Elizabeth (Hospital), said Olson billed them for group sessions, claiming he was counseling more than one person because of her alleged personality.”


Thought: She should have had all 120 personalities file separate lawsuits against her psychiatrist, including the duck. That would be a real quack!