2.3. Assignment

I.     Memorize: Galatians 4:1-3

II.   Questions:

1. What is a euphemism?

2.  What is the basic difference between a male and a man?

3.   What is the basic difference between a sire and a father ?

4. What is the urgent message for the Christian community?

5.  List the four characteristics of maturity.

  1.  Exercise:

Don’t  be  a  child  in  an adult’s  body!

1.  Identify the Conditions 2.  Isolate the Factors

3.  Acknowledge the Status 4.  Confess your Weaknesses

5.  Receive Forgiveness 6.  Extend Forgiveness

7.  Experience Reconditioning 8.  Give and Receive Validation

9.  Think Differently 10.Change Behavior

Maturity is not to be defined as chronological age, intellectual prowess, business and financial acumen, recognition and popularity, power and authority or material acquisition. Pervasive feelings of inadequacy can be the motivating factor for education; a lack of self worth may be the driving force behind the high profile public servant and immaturity can be the reason for self-centered materialism.

Maturity: Having the characteristics of bloom and fruit bearing seed.

Immaturity: Lacking full bloom and seed; arrested in the process of development.