3.3. Assignment

I.     Memorize: Romans 13:10-11

II.   Questions:

1. What is your strongest characteristic?

2.  What is your weakest characteristic?

3.  What characteristic in others irritates you the most?

4.  What is the import of the fourteenth chapter of Romans ?

5.  Where do you see your greatest need for improvement?

  1.  Exercise: 

Self Assessment

1. Would other people evaluate you in the same way you evaluated yourself?  

     2. In what circumstance do you find each characteristic most prevalent?

       3. In what area would you like to see improvement?

         4. What kind of change do you hope to see? 

           5. When and where do you plan to start?

Please pick me up at the airport. Here is how you will recognize me:  

    “I am analytical in my approach to life and exacting in my demands for personal achievement. I’m conservative, moralistic, loyal, honest and believe in the work ethic. Some have accused me of being a work-addict, but in reality, I’m just highly motivated. Being creative and visionary has enabled me to accomplish many things. Not given to too much detail, I require help in keeping projects afloat. I’m outgoing and would rather work with people than with things. Reversals tend to vex me, but I seldom give up. Because of subtle feelings of inadequacy, I tend to take rejection personally. A venturesome, “try it, you’ll like it!” attitude has garnered me a greater than average storehouse of experiences. As a result, I am well versed in general knowledge and am an interesting conversationalist. I am trusting and accepting of others. Because of this most people like me. However, my lack of suspicion has made me vulnerable and I have been taken advantage of. Naturally, this is my subjective opinion and some may respectfully disagree. However, when you get to know me, I am certain you will come to the same conclusion. I am sure you will recognize me when you come to meet me.