6.1. Study Material


  Types Of Students

  1.  Audit Student:

   People who wish to attend all classes for personal benefit but wish to be 

   exempt from all tests, assignments or projects. This would include that vast

   body of people who are striving for personal growth and improvement, and

   are seeking answers to questions. This student will receive a certificate of


   2.  Personal Ministry Student:

   Many people seek to be a positive influence on the lives of those people they

   touch and wish to further their understanding of human behavior, and man’s

   relationship to God and the world they live in. This student is expected to 

   participate in all classes and write the final exam, but will be exempt from

   all other assignments. This student will receive a certificate of achievement.

   3.  Continuing Education Student:

   Many organizations and institutions require their staff and faculty to

   continue their education on an ongoing basis. There are many who have

   completed their education but desire to extend their knowledge though  

   continuing education. ICBC provides an excellent means to do so. This

   student is expected to participate in all classes, complete the assignments 

   and the final exam. A diploma will be awarded.

   4  Degree Student:

   ICBC is affiliated with Biblical Life College and Theological Seminary. 

   Students may earn credits towards a Bachelor or Master degree. This student 

  is expected to participate in all classes, complete the assignments and final 

   exam with a  B average. Should a student wish to apply this course towards a

   degree, application must be formally be made to ICBC and the credit fees 

   paid. A diploma will be awarded.

  Final Exam

   An assignment follows each lecture containing five questions; 125 questions

   in all. It is important that you know the answer to these questions. You will

   be given time to prepare yourself for the exam and will write it before a 

   responsible person who will verify that you met all the conditions. Your class

   project is a book report of 2000 words on the title I Can Change The Shape 

   Of My World, by Wilfred R. Kent. Four credits will be awarded to those who