Final Word

Something to think about

In descending order of importance, list five of the greatest needs you see in the community.


2 Peter 1:3-4


Find all the references quoted in this lesson and highlight them in your Bible.

Think about the below for the several reasons, why the local church fails to bring healing to the community:

1. Bible schools and seminaries are dedicated to teaching the Word. They are not universities offering courses in social and human sciences.

2. Effective pulpit ministry requires dedicated study. The counseling load places a heavy strain on pastoral leadership, draining what little time the pastor has for sermon preparation.

3. Because the Christian leader’s expertise is to “rightly divide the Word of Truth”, many are unfamiliar with the principles and techniques of counseling.

4. The roles of the pastor and the counselor are different.

5. The church is reluctant to fund personnel for a program that does not have a high profile.

6. Many people are embarrassed to expose their “dirty laundry” to the pastoral leadership.