Module 1 – Quiz

We were in flight to a city where we were about to begin a five-day seminar on Marriage, Sexuality and Family Relationships. I was editing the final pages of this book and because a deadline had to be met, I was deeply engrossed in my work oblivious to the fact that the passenger beside me was doing her best to discover what I was writing.

Overcome by curiosity and finding that her subtle approach was not drawing my attention, she tried the direct method. “Excuse me,” she said. “But what is it that you are doing” she asked? “I’m editing the final draft of my book,” I replied and continued my mad pace towards the deadline. After a few moments she continued, “How nice! And what will be the title of your new book?” Looking directly at her I replied, “And God Said, Let There Be Sex”.

Obviously taken by surprise she responded, “What? Oh my dear! Where did He say that?” People in the cabin turned and looked at us because her response was one of incredulous disbelief. It was also surprisingly audible! Such a response is not uncommon. The Christian world at large has catalogued human sexuality as carnality, dirty and sinful. Many mistakenly feel that anything written on the subject must belong in the adult bookstore which is better known as a “Porn Shop”.

Because the world has exploited, profaned and abused sex we have withdrawn entirely from the subject, relegating it to the purveyors of lurid eroticism. The result is ignorance. We are ill informed or misinformed and the consequence is guilt, fear, frustration, depression, misery and a host of physical and psychological maladies. Many are hurting and can find no authoritative, biblically based answer to their queries. It is my sincere desire to lift this burden.

It is difficult to deal with an indelicate subject delicately. However, you will find that what is written in this treatise is professionally sound, biblically based and tastefully handled. It will answer many question regarding sexual use, misuse and abuse. It must be remembered that it was God that created sex.

As a therapist with more than five decades of counseling experience, I have gained a broad understanding of human sexuality and its dynamics. As a theologian, I seek to be scriptural in my approach to this subject. As a realist, I am compelled to address these issues.

It is my earnest prayer that the information gleaned from these pages will be a source of positive change in lives of those who read it.


Wilfred R. Kent, DMin, PhD, President

Today’s World Ministries, Inc. International College of Biblical Counselling