Study Material

Work-shop / Mini-lab No. 1                            Class  5

(Normally) Class  Participation (Discussion)  5.1

When you sign up for the live webinar courses with Doc Wilf, this will be done via a live webinar!

(Go to the discussion forum and start a discussion with your peers)

The Parameters:

 1.  The entire class will break up into small groups

 2.  Choose a coordinator or spokesman

 3.  Discuss the topics of your choice listed below

 4.  Arrive at some conclusion that may help the entire class

 5.  You have 30 minutes to discuss your topics

 6.  Be prepared to share your findings with the entire class

The Topics For Discussion:

 1.  What types of counselling needs do you see?

 2.  Of these, which do you see as most prevalent?

 3.  Where do you find people in the greatest needs?

 4.  How successful have you been in helping those in need?

 5.  What do you see as the answer to life’s problems?

 6.  What is your hope in taking this course?

 7.  Do you feel that you could be used to meet some of these needs?

 8.  What kind of people have sought you out for help?

 9.  What is your goal for life?

 10. If money, time and responsibility were not a consideration,  what would you like to be doing?